King’s College, The British School of Panama are delighted to confirm that we have embarked on an exciting venture to expand our school onto a new campus.  The decision has been taken in an effort to continue to provide exceptional education, while following the guidelines and standards of the National Curriculum of England and Wales.

We recently announced that the construction has now started of what may be the largest investment in private educational infrastructure of a foreign group in Panama, with the construction of a modern educational campus, located in the Clayton area of Panama City, very close to the existing school site.


The environment & fauna

For the new building construction and operation, the following aspects have been taken into consideration:

  • Full adherence to the implementation of all necessary legal requirements, including a detailed environmental impact study, which was approved in 2019.
  • Strategic distribution of buildings, in order to respect the location of the vast majority of trees, especially those with a trunk diameter exceeding 40 cms.
  • Planting of a ‘green fence’ approximately 50 cm. from the edge of the school land which has been implemented as a protection measure, and an additional demarcation to clearly separate the school from the limits of the Camino de Cruces National Park.
  • A comprehensive reforestation, revegetation, protection and relocation of wildlife plan
  • An infrastructure forecast for the collection of rainwater, solar energy and drinking water storage tanks, that will be of use particularly in times of low community demand
  • Implementation of technological sewage and solid waste treatment system
  • Construction of two traffic lanes within the College grounds, approx. 1.2 km long, which will reduce vehicle congestion in Demetrio B. Lakas Street.





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