Key Stage 2

The Junior School covers the National Curriculum Key Stage 2, Years 3 to 6 (age 7-11).

Nurturing creative, inquiring minds

As children get older we provide them with the educational experiences which develop a positive approach to learning, and create a learning environment which is enhanced by making the child feel at home at school.

All intellectual development is based upon reasoning, creativity and judgment; along with a certain amount of memorisation. In the Primary department our pupils are introduced to a comprehensive programme of lessons that encourage them to apply these fundamental skills to four core subject areas: English, Maths, Science and ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Children learn faster and more effectively when skills and concepts are applied across a range of different subjects and when knowledge learned in one area can be applied to another.

We do this in a challenging intellectual and academic environment. Creativity in the sciences and humanities depend on a clearly structured process for learning about and exploring new ideas. Inspirational and caring teachers make this an exciting and stimulating time for pupils. They learn the importance of individual study skills as well as team work.


Core Subjects

English Literacy: As well as reading and writing, literacy involves the development of speaking and listening skills.

Maths: Numeracy is developed as a key to understanding other subjects as well as a beautiful and fascinating subject in its own right.

Science: From doing observational drawings to conducting simple experiments the fundamentals of the scientific process are clearly established.

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