On to A Level

Access to the Sixth Form to begin preparation for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A- Level/A2) examinations in Year 12 & 13, is open to those students who have passed a required minimum of subjects at (I)GCSE with good grades (Grade 5 or higher or equivalent).

Students select 3-4 subjects at A-Level (including Spanish A-Level if not completed in Key Stage 4) from the wide range offered at Kings College Panama.

These include:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English Literature
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Spanish (compulsory)

In addition, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Life Skills, Careers Guidance and Physical Education (PE) and individual Study Time form part of each student’s timetable.

MEDUCA requirements also mean that students are required to increase the number of classes in Panamanian Social Studies and partake in a compulsory national service in order to gradate the MEDUCA Diploma at the end of Year 13 – this allows students to access Panamanian Universities.

Class sizes, at present, are likely to small, allowing for a better Pupil-Teacher ratio than offered in most other schools.  This supports rapid progress and better overall attainment.  For those students struggling to access the Advanced Level content, a three year program of study may be introduced to ensure pupils attain the final grade they deserve.

At the end of Year 13, students sit the final Advanced Level (A-Level) examinations and success in the A Level examinations gives access to university education worldwide.

Students wishing to enter American Universities are guided towards SAT preparation programs available throughout Panama but in addition to their A-Level study – this is likely to involve time spent in evenings and at weekends and does not form part of the curriculum time at King’s College Panama.

King’s Group is justifiably proud of a consistently high pass rate in official examinations leading to an excellent record on University entry in all of its schools and we look forward to joining in that success.


King's College Panama is an IB World School and offers the IB Diploma Programme. Since its conception in 1968, this highly reputed course of study has promoted international-mindedness as well as intellectual rigour and academic flexibility.

The Diploma Programme is designed to meet the educational requirements of pupils normally aged between 16 and 19 years.The IB Diploma Programme aims to develop critical and compassionate thinkers who, as learners in the 21st century are prepared for success at university and life beyond. In order to facilitate lifelong learning a challenging and balanced two-year curriculum is offered.

The programme offers breadth of study through the range of subjects studied, the unifying nature of the Theory of Knowledge programme and the holistic nature of the Creativity, Action and Service programme. Depth of study is provided through the study of three subjects at the Higher Level and the Extended Essay.

Successful completion of the IB Diploma has proved to be a valuable asset when applying to universities in the UK and worldwide. The critical thinking required for the Diploma Course gives students a significant advantage at university. As an alternative to the full Diploma Programme some students may enrol in individual Diploma courses for the purpose of acquiring IB Diploma Certificates. Both the IB Diploma and certificates are recognised as entry qualifications into university with leading universities specifically welcoming applications from IB Diploma pupils.

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