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Our admissions policy is to allocate the appropriate placement for the candidate, so that they may benefit fully from the education we offer.

We have extensive experience in welcoming students who transfer to our schools at all year groups. We aim to work closely with your child’s previous school to ensure a smooth transition, academically and pastorally, through our well-established student induction programme.

King’s College is an international school and as such is open for admissions the whole year round. We are always delighted to meet with parents and show them around the school.

Enrolment Process


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To begin your application, please click the Apply Now button below. After we receive your application, you will be sent login details for your Open Apply Account and must follow the application checklist, ensuring all steps are completed. Please don't hesitate to contact our admissions team if you need any assistance in completing the application process.

A non-refundable registration fee of $150 is payable for each student.

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Assessment & Interview

After registration, your child will be invited to take an online assessment (CAT 4) and attend an interview with either the Head of School or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. For Early Years Nursery applicants, there are no assessments.

Pupils with no/little prior knowledge of English must agree to a programme of EAL as recommended by the school and parents should expect to be liable for the incurred costs. The duration of the EAL course will be decided by the school.

New pupils are not required to have any previous knowledge of Spanish. Pupils joining the school with a low level or no prior knowledge of the language may receive Spanish as an Additional Language (MFL) classes.




Should we conclude that King's College School Panama is appropriate for your child and entry assessments have been completed successfully, a place will be awarded.


Pay Admission Fees

After a place has been offered, you will receive payment information from the Admissions department.


Validating International Transcripts/Report Cards

The Panamanian Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), the legal entity that oversees academic institutions in Panama, requires that all students entering 2nd to 12th grade (Year 3 to Year 13 in the British system) from a school abroad, conduct a validation process. All transcripts/report cards issued outside of Panama must be apostilled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in an Embassy of the country that issued the transcript, to later be validated through MEDUCA. This procedure is a requirement to officially enrol the student in Panama into the correct grade level.

Please also note, that in cases where the documentation is issued in a language other than Spanish, the documents must be translated by an authorised public translator who will provide their official stamp/seal onto such translation.

Age & Course Guidelines

Age King’s College Class Spanish Education (LOMCE) US Education
2-3 Pre- Nursery    
3-4 Nursery 1º Ed. Infantil Pre School
4-5 Reception 2º Ed. Infantil Pre School
5-6 Year 1 3º Ed. Infantil Kindergartner
6-7 Year 2 1º Primaria     1st Grade
7-8 Year 3 2º Primaria     2nd Grade
8-9 Year 4 3º Primaria     3rd Grade
9-10 Year 5 4º Primaria     4th Grade
10-11 Year 6 5º Primaria     5th Grade 
11-12 Year 7 6º Primaria     6th Grade
12-13 Year 8 1º ESO     7th Grade
13-14 Year 9 2º ESO     8th Grade
14-15 Year 10 3º ESO     9th Grade
15-16 Year 11 4º ESO     10th Grade
16-17 Year 12 1º Bachillerato 11th Grade
17-18 Year 13 2º Bachillerato 12th Grade

For further information, please contact:
Ana Raquel Mantovani 
Head of Admissions