Sustainability in Year 2

The children have been hard at work thinking of all the different ways we can help protect life on land, by reducing, reusing and recycling. Our art this term is also all about using what we have in our homes to create amazing things!


Lord of The flies (Year 9)

As part of our Year 9 study of Lord of the Flies, students were asked to design the layout of the stage in their hypothetical production of the text. Students were invited to present their ideas to the rest of the class. Ginan and Mia in particular worked fantastically and were able to present some very creative designs for their productions.


Students of the Week in Reception Iguanas

Let’s celebrate the learning of our 2 Students of the Week from Reception Iguanas: Clara and Feline! Clara independently made her own storymap of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and confidently retold it to her classmates. Feline presented her learning about animals and habitats to the rest of Early Years, then contributed a great deal of excitement and curiosity as we began our new topic of space. Thank you for giving such excellent examples of learning to our team!


Podcast Competition

Good luck to students in Key Stage 3 who are taking part in the competition to participate in the Book Club for Kids podcast!


Internet Safety Day

This year's theme for Safer Internet Day was- An Internet we trust!  Year 2 talked about how some of the information on the internet is not true and how we should check with adults when using the internet to make sure we are using it safely.  Year 2 made posters explaining what they have learned.  Rafael and Taerin from Harpy Eagles made very informative posters. Elizabeth from Crocodiles even put an image on the internet to see how fast it would travel and who could see it.



One of our Early Years inquiry groups has been exploring habitats and learning what predators and prey live there. Here are some of our paintings and drawings. You can see Tiago’s zebra and lion from the grasslands; Feline’s white tiger and Arctic hare from polar regions; Marina’s snake and frog from the rainforest; Oscar’s sealion and fish from the ocean; Clara’s camel and snake from the desert. We are so proud of how carefully the children are thinking about colours, shapes and patterns in their pictures!


Excellence in English!

This week the Year 1 children were tasked with writing an additional page for the book ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.

Yein wrote an excellent piece of descriptive writing. She was a superstar writer, using the correct tense, adjectives, and a variety of punctuation, all in a narrative style. Great work Yein! Jia has been trying really hard to include a number of surface and deeper features in her writing each week as well as extend how much she is writing. This is an excellent example of how hard she has been working! Well done Jia.


Year 2

This term Year 2 have been learning about multiplication! We have been hunting around our homes for arrays and examples of multiplication sentences… amazing work Harpy Eagles


Year 1

Over the past two weeks Year 1 have been learning about the 5 oceans and 7 continents. They have all worked hard researching a continent of their choice and making a project about it. The children showed off their fantastic communication and language skills by taking on the role of teacher and having the chance to teach their friends about their chosen continent in lesson time!



This week in EYFS we have begun our new inquiry topic. We have followed the children’s interests and have begun to learn about animals and what they look like.  We are currently investigating which animals are dangerous and what do they have to make them dangerous? And, what colours can animals be and why are they those colours? We drew some of the most interesting animals we could think of.  Have a look at Tiago’s rattle snake and Camila’s Stingray!


Year 10 and their messages with B&W “found letters”

Year 10 students used creativity and B&W photography to make posters with inspirational messages.


Does it Dissolve?

Today Year 5 started their learning about solutions. We made our own sugar solution by mixing sugar and water until it dissolved.


Endangered Animals

Year 1 has been learning about endangered animals and thinking about what they can do to help them. They created posters about some of their favourite endangered animals using persuasive words and eye-catching pictures.