Our Vision is to be at the forefront of International Education

Our mission is to provide high-quality International education that delivers a transformative learning experience to all our pupils through engaging and effective teaching. Our core values and high-quality up-to-date international educational practices, enable children at our schools to achieve their academic ambitions and lifetime careers. Alongside this aim, we nurture the talents of our pupils and understand the importance of supporting all aspects of the child, with attention taken to encourage their physical, emotional and social development.

We are determined to make a positive difference in the future of our pupils, their families, and our staff members, while positively contributing to the wider community.



Working towards our vision requires a strategy that defines realistic and easily achievable objectives. The following five aims are checkpoints that should be considered when making important decisions.

  1. To provide a learning environment that educates and develops independent learning skills and attitudes to build self-confidence and encourage creativity.
  2. To achieve consistently outstanding educational results for all our pupils, benchmarking ourselves against the best schools in the world.
  3. To ensure that our pupils reach the highest levels of fluency and confidence in their use of the English language.
  4. To prepare and equip pupils for employment and the demands of the future in a rapidly changing, dynamic and diverse global environment.
  5. To promote and sustain a safe, caring, but academically challenging culture, inside and outside the classroom.
head of School

Message from our Head of School

Welcome to King's College School Panama. Thank you for your interest, and I hope it leads to a visit to our exceptional campus nestled within the rainforest here in Panama.
King’s College School Panama is a dynamic and ambitious institution, part of the King’s Group of international British schools, established over fifty years ago and currently owned and supported by the Inspired Education Group. This group provides premium education to over 80,000 students in more than 110 schools worldwide. Being part of this rapidly growing and dynamic group offers networking and growth opportunities for all members of the school community.

Learning and growing at King’s College School Panama is a personalised experience. With a focus on maintaining a small, family-like atmosphere for our learners, many of whom are far from their home countries, we maintain an exceptionally healthy staff-to-student ratio across the school. This results in a tailored learning experience for each individual. At our school, students take centre stage in an active learner-centred environment. In addition to being instructed by world-class international teachers, each learner benefits from having their own dedicated tutor. This crucial element of tutorship, a cornerstone of the British education system, provides each student with an adult mentor to guide their academic, emotional, social, athletic, and artistic development. They also serve as the linchpin of communication between home and school, forming a collaborative team for the success of every learner.

King’s College School Panama is accredited as an "Outstanding" British School Overseas (BSO). It is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and a Cambridge and Pearson (UK) examination Centre. This enables our secondary students not only to pursue the best academic programmes globally but also enhances their prospects for entry into the finest global universities. We are a High Performance Learning (HPL) accredited world school, and recently we achieved the prestigious “Wellbeing Award”. Ninety percent of our teaching staff are native English speakers, and the majority of them are British-trained educators with internationally recognized qualifications and experience. Our student population represents 47 different nationalities. When combined with our offerings of the IB Diploma, UK National Curriculum, Reggio Emilia approach to Early Years, and the IGCSE qualifications, our programme stands unparalleled in terms of internationalism in Panama City.

However, the most significant aspect of an international education is the appreciation and connection with the local environment. King’s College School Panama is located in the tropical Panamanian rainforest, just a short distance from Panama City and the City of Knowledge, where the United Nations and many leading global tech, research, and non-governmental organisations are based. Our school campus, surroundings, and curriculum are aligned to provide an innovative education centred around scientific research, exploration, and sustainability. We aim for your children to graduate King’s College School Panama, prepared to thrive as global citizens, poised to make positive contributions to the environmental challenges our world faces. What better setting to acquire these lifelong skills than in the natural beauty of Panama.

In Learning,
Oliver Proctor


Key strategies to support our aims



Delivering a British curriculum, supported by evidence-based research and best practice at the most successful independent schools in the UK and other countries across the world.


Encouraging pupils to lead healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise and sport.


Educating our students to be good citizens.


Promoting excellence in our schools, by employing teaching professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable and highly-skilled in their subject areas.


Investing in our staff through effective professional development, training, career planning and talent management.


Ensuring effective governance and management of the Group and the schools.


Making the best use of resources and information, to achieve and maintain an efficient, effective and sustainable business.


Supporting, and actively contributing to, our local and wider communities


Recognising and celebrating effort, achievement and excellence.

Values and Beliefs

The Values and Beliefs of King’s Group underpin everything we do. Our educators create an environment that helps our team members, pupils and parents understand what King’s College School stands for by demonstrating our principles in the way we treat one another at work and how we treat students under our care.
Our Values and Beliefs help us understand our working life and how we fit into the big picture. They are fixed and are unlikely to change.

Honesty, Faith and Courage

  • We value the contributions of our stakeholders towards school life.
  • We believe in professional leadership.
  • We value dedication and commitment.
  • All our pupils are entitled to a high-quality education grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, and a positive and nurturing environment.
  • We promote outstanding teaching and learning.
  • We recognise and celebrate academic excellence and achievement.
  • High-quality education is based on a collaborative approach to teaching.
  • Innovation in teaching and learning should be informed by research and effective practice.

Technology should be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

We contribute to the lifelong education of individuals.