Brand-New Facilities on a Purpose-Built Campus

The new home of academic excellence in Panama

Our exciting purpose-built campus opened to students in August 2022.

Modern on-site facilities include:

  • EYFS learning area and separate playground with direct access from classrooms
  • Well-resourced Primary classrooms, each equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • Large, green playing area
  • Football field
  • Hard court
  • Indoor hall
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Covered sports area
  • Two fully-equipped science labs
  • Art studio
  • Primary and Secondary School libraries
  • Music room and practice room
  • Secondary School ICT room
  • Primary School laptops and iPad trolleys
  • Dining room and fully-functioning kitchens
  • Air-conditioning and heating in all classrooms and halls

Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards and Wi-Fi internet connection.

Training is regularly provided to all staff to ensure teaching and learning are up-to-date with the latest developments in education.

ICT Equipment


Every classroom has computing provisions. In the Early Years division, young pupils benefit from a range of Early Years software packages and begin to develop basic computer skills, such as mouse control. Literacy programmes, including Sound Stories (Oxford Literacy), will be introduced to the entire Early Learning School, class-by-class. 

Students across all year groups, practice their digital skills in an interactive and stimulating environment, usually working in pairs with their fellow classmates under the supervision of their teacher or learning assistants. For younger learners, digital learning activities utilise sound, colour and animation to help to captivate interest in computing from the start of their education at King’s College.

Infant and Primary School pupils use laptops and iPads to aid their learning. All senior pupils in Year 7 onwards, have a Chromebook to access online learning tools. Senior students are encouraged to view computers as learning aids to expand their understanding in all subject areas. Across the school, digital equipment is of the highest quality, and teachers provide all the digital materials necessary for pupils to succeed on a demanding curriculum.


Sports Facilities


As one of the main pillars of education at Inspired, Physical Education forms an integral part of the school curriculum and is a significant area of extra-curricular activity. Sports pursuits are a healthy way to develop pupils’ physical competence and confidence, while also promoting the development of fine and gross motor skills. During physical activity, students gain the benefits of good health and increased knowledge of the mechanisms within the body.


The P.E curriculum also provides opportunities for pupils to:

  • Take responsibility for their fitness and health
  • Develop effective teamwork skills
  • Practise leadership skills
  • Develop sporting talent and interests
  • Learn life skills, such as organisation, comradery and persistence

An effective sports programme helps active learners to demonstrate creativity and competitiveness while displaying comradery, during a range of fun activities that offer mental, physical and social challenges to individuals and teams.

School sports facilities include a multi-purpose hall, an indoor hall, a hard court and an outdoor playing field. Further opportunities for sports participation are available as pupils progress through the school, with a wide range of extra-curricular and optional classes, including football, basketball and tennis. Sports activities are also available to all students during break times.