Pastoral Care and Well-being

King’s College School, Panama, aims to create a respectful and safe school environment for all school community members. We account for and nurture, the physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects of child development to promote the best in each of our learners.


Caring for your children

We want students to be part of a positive, friendly and supportive learning environment where they learn to demonstrate respect for others. We support all students to achieve their best and be happy at school while enjoying their learning.

We also aim to help students who experience any difficulties that arise during their time at school. From the young children in our Early Years Department, to older children studying for their IGCSEs or IB Diploma qualifications, it is our priority that every child feels safe and welcome in our school environment.

Our Pastoral team ensures that the needs of our students are considered and met through the curriculum and the Assembly Programme. Additionally, our School Counselling Service, supports students with any emotional or personal difficulties and will seek parental input when required.

As a basic principle, King's College School, Panama actively encourages communication between school and parents. We seek to build a strong school community and endeavour to involve parents fully in the education of their children. This partnership as an essential aspect of our care for every individual in our school and is a major factor in the successful development of our learners.


From home to a house

From the first day a of school at King's College School, Panama, enrolled children are assigned to one of the four School Houses. Older house members support the younger or new students during events and projects that involve friendly competition between the House teams. House membership is a social component of life at school and helps to builds friendship and community across all school Year groups.

Making a mentor

Mentors are older students who are available to help younger students engage with new concepts. Peer mentors help others in the school community who may be having difficulty in a particular class or subject area. Teaching others helps the mentor to consolidate their own learning, while helping others by offering support.


School, Family & Community

The school community

Parents are an important part of life at King's College School, Panama. We actively encourage regular communication between school and parents, and seek to build a strong school community with the families of our learners. Community involvement is a key part of life, as is connecting to other schools in the Inspired group.


Through our curriculum, we engage the wider-world to further enrich our school. Similarly, to build a broader sense of community, King's College School, Panama, holds regular events, where students and families get to know each other and the school staff in an informal and fun environment. Social events range from school Sports Days to the annual School Fair and artistic performances and shows. Each of the events in the School Calendar provide opportunities where parents can meet one another, make new friends and talk to teaching staff.

When your child starts at King's College School Panama, your whole family joins the King's College community.